Information and prices are subject to change without notice.

We encourage every student to sign up for our MA chapter membership.

Members receive about 50% off for chapter workshop fees.

  • Non-member Workshop Fee $60
  • Member Workshop Fee $30 or $35 (must be an active member)

Benefits of the OSIMA Chapter Membership

  • Certificates of Ohara School of Ikebana
    Upon completion of requirements, demonstrating proficiency, submitting your application and processing payment, your instructor will submit your Ohara School of Ikebana student certification applications to Japan International Headquarters.
  • MA Chapter Workshops
    Region wide workshops where you will learn Ohara Ikebana from regional and guest instructors.
  • Entry to Ikebana Exhibitions
    Join group exhibitions in MA.
  • Community Participation
    Access to a supportive community of fellow Ohara Ikebana students and enthusiasts with whom you can network and share your appreciation for the art. Your membership helps our organization and allows us to continue to develop additional offerings.

Membership Fees

Please talk to your instructor about your interest for the membership. The annual fee is currently $25. Please pay the annual fee to your instructor by check or cash.

For Year 2023, please pay to your instructor or mail your check to Hiroko Matsuyama. The payment due date is the end of January 2023.

Every chapter member now pays in January for a year’s membership starting for Year 2022.

If you have any questions about the membership or fees, please contact your instructor.